Heart and Soul Of A Champion - Season 1

Heart and Soul Of A Champion - Season 1

Heart and Soul of a Champion™ is a new docuseries that gives you an inside look at the health journeys of individuals undergoing a life-changing experience by optimizing their health. The docuseries provides you with an inside view of how individuals with advanced health problems reverse their conditions naturally. It provides a close-up view of the real-life triumphs and challenges of individuals seeking to optimize their health.

In season one (Athletes Edition), Heart and Soul™ will evaluate the possibility of this novel health intervention of restoring the peak athletic performances of retired athletes. These athletes are more than 20 years beyond their days of competition. Additionally, several of them have known health issues that have developed during that time.

Heart and Soul Of A Champion - Season 1
  • Ep 1: Diagnoses: Known and Unknown

    Dr. Montgomery welcomes a group of former professional athletes into his cardiology practice to create individualized treatment plans for chronic illnesses and get them back to peak levels of performance.

  • Ep 2: Decision-Making Time

    A new critically ill patient presents in very poor health. Dr. Montgomery and the clinical team have to make critical decisions on how to address surprise abnormal findings.

  • Ep 3: A Tale of Two Hearts

    Dr. Montgomery provides more insight into the benefits of nutritional detox and the importance of procuring food from proper sources as the team works with Ray Waddy on his detox progress to make key decisions on his medication weaning.
    Concerns are raised with the test results of Mr. Pope, ren...

  • Ep 4: Hall of Famer, Down

    Due to clinical setbacks, the MHW clinical team has to make adjustments to various treatment plans. The prospects of defining progress in this setting bring on a number of psychological challenges for the patients and clinical team. Also, the unexpected travel needs of some of the athletes crea...

  • Ep 5: Anticipated Returns

    After working vigorously to arrange for his transfer from a medical ICU in Virginia to the Texas Medical Center, the MHW Team awaits the return of Mr. Pope in hopes of reversing his severe heart failure. They also prepare Mr. Green to return to the training fields in recovery from severe dehydra...

  • Ep 6: Time to Go Home

    The MHW team supports one patient with his return to his earthly home and another with a return to his eternal home. Mr. Green is supported in his transition back onto the training field, where he feels most at home.

  • E7: The Home Stretch

    The athletes enter their final weeks of training and detox as they plan for their final testing. Culinary experts are brought in to assist them as they start a different phase of their training, testing them on their culinary skills. The MHW team reviews the final outcome data for the athletes, m...

  • E8: Aftermath

    The team faces challenges and setbacks as they transition from the detox phase. “Half-time” adjustments are made in the aftermath to overcome these challenges and setbacks.