MHW Health Summit: The Future of Medicine

MHW Health Summit: The Future of Medicine

Chronic illness continues to have a devastating impact on the US and is now accepted as normal in our society. It’s time to take charge of your health! Elevate your understanding of how nutritional, integrative, and regenerative health is the future of medicine by purchasing a recording of the Montgomery Heart and Wellness Health Summit 2023.

The Health Summit featured internationally renowned experts in the areas of lifestyle, nutrition, and integrative and regenerative health. Workshops included a live demonstration of an intravenous ozone therapy along with a clinical case round presentation detailing how integrative health is applied in the clinical setting.

You won’t want to miss this exciting recording of internationally renowned experts in health. Watch Dr. Baxter Montgomery; Joel Fuhrman, M.D.; Brenda Davis, RD; and Yoshi Rahm, D.O. as they discuss lifestyle, nutrition, integrative and regenerative health.

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MHW Health Summit: The Future of Medicine
  • Intro Segment - Nutritional, Integrative and Regenerative Health

    Recent world events have highlighted the major health challenges we face in western civilizations. Chronic illnesses have encroached upon the lives of individuals of all ages. Our life expectancy has decreased by nearly two years from 2019 to 2022.

    At Montgomery Heart and Wellness™ we have spen...

  • Brenda Davis Presentation

    Brenda Davis discusses the ideal foods for improving longevity and vitality. She discusses ideal sources of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for optimal muscle mass, hormonal balance, energy level and much more. Other relevant issues, such as myths of the necessity of animal protein and vitamin ...

  • Dr. Yoshi Rahm Presentation

    Dr. Rahm provides an overview of what the integrative and regenerative medicine fields entail. He provides detailed information on key areas of these fields such as ozone, methylene blue, and mesenchymal stem cell therapies. Clinical case examples are discussed as well for illustration purposes.

  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman Presentation

    Dr. Fuhrman examines the adverse effects of commonly consumed foods in our standard western diet and how they directly lead to the various chronic illnesses commonly seen in our society. The biochemical effects of certain nutritious foods are discussed along with optimal preparation techniques. H...

  • Clinical Workshop (EBOO)

    Dr. Rahm shares his clinical experience with the audience and answers questions during the demonstration.

  • Clinical Rounds at Montgomery Heart™

    The senior clinical team provides insights on the positive impacts of integrative and regenerative health interventions on individuals with chronic illness.

  • Q&A Workshop Segment

    Brenda Davis and Dr. Fuhrman have a conversation with the audience about critical aspects of nutrition.

    Questions are taken from the audience.

  • Final Remarks

    Dr. Montgomery discusses the symbiotic relationship between enthusiastic people who want to take responsibility for their health and the medical professionals who want to provide them with that help.